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  篇一:英语演讲PPT的WORD演讲稿 (主题:sciene)

  With the social development,countries are increasingly concerned about the science. Human has been being benefit from various science technology fruition and being enjoying them. Thanks to science and technology, we now live comfortably and conveniently in houses furnished with air conditioners, washing machines and televisions etc. Thanks to science and technology, we can eat fresh vegetables at the year round. Thanks to science and technology, we can travel tong distances in the fraction of a second on planes, trains and cars. Thanks to science and technology, we can even closer communication exchange. If the 20th century’s greatest scientific and technological achievements of the Internet,then the 19th century’s greatest scientific and technological achievements on the course ought to telephone.


  Especially, after the mobile telephone appears, communication becomes easier , If people go out for business far away from their homes, the telephone can shorten the distance between them and their families. Thus they will get comfort whenever they are homesick or they get into trouble. With the help of the telephone, people can keep in touch with anyone at any time for urgent help. All in all, the telephone is so helpful that we can say that nowadays we can not live without the telephone in our daily life. Science can also further improve the phone’s performance,so for people to create better conditions for the exchange.


  However, science is a two-edged sword. While research is exerting it positive function, its negative influence might be harmful to human or encumber our development. First, because of the many breakthroughs in

  the field of medicine, people are now living much longer than they used to. As a result, the population of the world is increasing, causing tots of problems. Second, because of the development of industry, tots of the wastes from factories pour into the air and rivers, causing pollution of att kinds. Third, some terrorists are using science and technology against mankind. They use biological, chemical and unclear weapons to threaten world peace.


  Nowadays,there is a heated debate over whether cloning technique should be used in human reproduction must be considered as a serious issue. Clone,to a certain degree,is beneficial to mankind. However,the abuse of this science technology will bring human being unthinkable destruction. Recently,scientists in some countries have already started their great plan to clone human. I'm afraid that terrorists may get hold of it and reproduce lots of nuclear weapons. Besides these terrible aspects,the cloning of whole-being may destroy the diversity of people of the glob. Cloning also can give a commerical opportunity for businessmen. People will use it to earn illegal money. Moreover,clone will arouse many moral questions,which will violate human rights. So we should be cautious to use science.



  Ladies and Gentlemen:

  I thank you for being here.I’m going to get straight to the point.All traditional learning methods are futile.Most college graduates still can’t speak fluent English.This proves English students aren’t learning.Some people seem to speak English well.Children think these people speak great English because they don’t know the difference.Americans think these people speak great English because they are non-native English speakers anyway.



  Don’t think you can learn English by hanging around Americans.Don’t think you can master English by going abroad.Why? Because what you learn is vague and limited.You pick up a little here today.You pick up a little there tomorrow.You end up saying almost the same thing every day.English is like an ocean.There is no limit to what you can learn.You cannot learn aimlessly.


  You should learn to speak first.Make speaking English your number one priority.Once you start to speak, the rest will be easy.Learning to speak English is not a big deal.It’s not that difficult.It’s no more than a speaking technique.It’s just like children learning to speak.They mimic their mothers’ voices.When they’re alone, they speak to themselves.


  We started off the wrong way right from the beginning.We don’t need to analyze sentences.Children don’t need to learn how to write.They don’t need to learn K.K. phonetics.They don’t even need to learn the ABCs before they can speak English.All you have to do is listen to the CD and follow it.Learn through intense repetition.Speak to yourself from dawn to dusk.


  With this method, you’ll enjoy speaking English.You’ll discover it’s lots of fun.It will become your passion.You’ll enjoy interacting.You’ll look forward to meeting people.Breaking the ice will be a piece of cake.You’ll feel English is an art.You’ll speak like an artist.Your words will be like paint on canvas.


  One Breath English is the best way.It’s a great shortcut.The results speak for themselves.You have to try.You owe it to yourself.It will be the best decision you ever made.Thank you all for listening!Good luck to everyone here.Now I welcome any questions you might have.




  Good evening,everyone!my name is xx

  Frist,I want to talk something aboat my bobby. I like sports,especially playing basketball, because it is full of competion and teamwork, what’s more, it’s so funny to play with my friends and classmates.

  So, today,I want to talk something aboat basketball, something aboat my favourite basketball player----YaoMing. Let’s begin!

  YaoMing was born in 1980 in ShangHai. He is always biger than other children form the very beginning. As a result,when he grew up, he stands 2.26 meters.

  The frist time I know aboat YaoMing was in 2002 when he was selected frist in the NBA Draft by Houston Rockets, it is also the frist time I know aboat NBA.

  On the journey of growth in NBA of YaoMing, we can’t avoid talking aboat his coaches and teammates. We know ,it’s the man,Van Gundy,who was as the coach of Yao for five years. I think he is the man who has influenced Yao MING most during his career.

  Steve Francis, sometimes we simply call he Francis boss, we call he boss not just because he is so talented in playing basketball, but he is like an old brother to help YaoMing when he is in trouble.

  Maybe you can still remember this picture , Francis is fighting for YaoMing.

  In the past I was so optimistic aboat Houston Rockets,but T-MAC broke my heart ,he hurts all of us,he hurt all of the fans. I don’t want to talk more aboat him.

  As the most hard-working player in NBA ,Yao was seriously injured, especially his left leg and his left foot.

  Things can’t be worse . This year ,2011,Yao ended his basketball career.

  For Yao Ming ,it is a new beginning after retiring, maybe. He will have more time to stay with his family ,to have a better management to his team—Team of YAO . I believe he can do the best.

  Maybe someday,Rockets can win the championship . This is the ring of championship. In the end, I want to express my best wishes for YaoMing ,my best wishes for Houston Rockets,my best wishes for all of you!

  Thank you so much! Good night,everyone!


  Traditional martial arts are part of china's outstanding culture and it contains the spirit of the chinesenation-specific values, way of thinking, imagination, which embodies the Chinese nation's vitality andcreativity, and intelligence are the crystallization of the Chinese people, but also a treasure for allmankind civilization.

  The origin of Chinese Martial arts 中国武术的起源

  Wushu in China goes back to ancient times, originating from productive laboring of the ancient ancestry.

  In the primitive society, people had to survive by gathering in groups. They lived on hunting with rocks and sticks. Hitting with their hands, kicking with their feet and cutting, chopping or stabbing with simple weapons, they performed all kinds of movements, which displayed certain skills of defense or attacking. These performances made up the substantial background of Wushu.

  In the clan [kl?n] society, there often occurred battles between the tribes. Armed forces became the means of plundering. Bows, arrows, casting stones and other rocky items appeared as weapons, being improved gradually according to the needs of fight. When having a rest, especially when celebrating their triumphs, people danced to the imitations of defending and attacking movements, stabbing, blowing and kicking. After prolonged accumulation, the experiences began to be raised to the level of consciousness, hence Wushu came into being.

  Chinese martial arts consist of a number of fighting styles that were developed over the centuries. Those fighting styles can be classified according to common themes that are identified as "families" (家), "sects" (派) or "schools" (门). Styles of Chinese martial arts also can be categorized as the Northern style and the Southern style according to the geographical regions divided by the Huanghe River.

  Chinese love for martial arts can be reflected in many martial arts novels and all kinds of film and television works.

  The works of Jin Yong, Gu Long, Liang Yusheng is representative of martial arts novels. Recent years, a lot of martial arts writers appear on the mainland. For example, Feng Ge, the writer of Kun Lun(昆仑 )and Cang yue, the writer of TingXueLou Series, who are the representative of New martial arts writers. It is said that “Outstanding martial arts novelist to write the world faces; and astute readers read out the vicissitudes of life and attitudes of human.” We may not be the astute readers, but we can at least enjoy martial in our own way. Superb and legendary martial arts, peculiar experience of a survivor, a love story full of pathos attract many readers.

  All the practicers must loyalty to the nation. The goal they practice martial arts is to protect the country and the people.

  Chinese Gongfu is a very important and unique form of Chinese culture. It can be viewed as both a popular and a classical art. Today it is very common and widespread. Chinese Gongfu possesses an important and extensive cross-cultural跨文化的 significance. The popularity of Chinese Gongfu, including Taijiquan, Qigong, etc. is not limited to China but has become a worldwide phenomenon. We can also enjoy some Kongfu movies directed by foreign directors at times!

  In the future, We hope more people could interest in our Chinese culture and have a depth knowledge of Chinese Kongfu.



  演讲内容(40分) 演讲技巧(20分) ppt制作(20分)形象风度(10分) 综合印象(10分) 总分(100分)


  a. 主题鲜明(与奥运主题相关)、深刻、集中、积极向上(10 分)

  b. 角度新颖、创新 (10 分)

  c. 事、情、理交融,逻辑严谨。(10 分)

  d. 口语流畅,用词精练,详略得当(10 分)


  a. 发音标准,流利(10 分)

  b. 节奏处理得当,技巧运用自如(5 分)

  c. 表现力强,能引起共鸣(5 分)


  a.主题突出、内容完整:作品内容能够清晰、准确地表达并再现素材的精要;整部作品已覆盖素材的主要内容。(10 分)


  整体布局风格(包括模版设计、版式安排、色彩搭配等)立意新颖,构思独特,设计巧妙,具有想像力和表现力。(10 分)

  1.4. 形象风度:

  a. 衣着整洁,仪态端庄大方,上下场致意,答谢(5 分)

  b. 举止自然、得体,体现朝气蓬勃的精神风貌 (5 分)

  1.4. 综合印象:根据演讲选手的临场表现作出综合演讲素质的评价。(10 分)



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